Own a Vineyard

Vines & wines for your pleasure

Have you ever dreamed of living the sophisticated estate lifestyle in a famous wine-growing region of the world? Here, where vineyards are part of our namesake, you have the opportunity to spend warm summer evenings in your backyard overlooking vineyards, sipping wine, and enjoying all that life has to offer with good friends and family. At The Vineyards, you really can live the life you’ve dreamed of without the time, costs and headache of developing your own vineyard and winery.

The Willamette Valley has become known as one of the world’s greatest destinations for people who love pinot noir grapes, rivaling the great French producers of this classic but finicky grape. Our region of Oregon grows some of the finest pinot noir grapes in the world, and has attracted top contract vineyard managers. Some of these experts manage upwards of 30 vineyards for businessmen, doctors, lawyers and other people who desire to grow their own grapes but who are not farmers or enologists.

Unless you really want to, there is no need to manage the hard and dirty work of a vineyard yourself. When your grapes are ready to harvest, Noble Estate Vineyards and Winery, located right next door, will custom harvest and crush your grapes, age your wine in your own oak barrels and bottle your wine with your own custom labels.

One acre of vineyards could produce 100 cases of wine or more. If you cannot drink it all, wine from your own private label would make memorable gifts. You really can experience the allure of world-class wine without the large time commitment of hiring employees, building a winery and buying expensive equipment. We are here to help this dream come through for you.